As the color leader in the polymer roofing industry DaVinci offers many free services to aid in picking colors for the exteriors of residential and commercial projects. An interactive advice component with a national color expert, two downloadable Color Guides and the ability to create custom roof blends using any of 49 colors are just some of the eye-catching enhancements to the site that allow consumers and industry professionals to confidently select roofing colors for the home and commercial projects.

Visitors can use the different tools available in the Color Studio to gain exterior color guidance from chief color maven Kate Smith. The Color Studio helps people gain both knowledge and understanding about selecting colors for roofs and home exteriors; while the tools help the industry professional present personalized roofing color options to their clients that can help them win business.

DaVinci Color Studio

Visitors to the DaVinci Color Studio will find the following resources at their fingertips:

FRESH Home Exterior Colors Guide

This downloadable, full-color, 30-page guide from Kate Smith of Sensational Color provides "5 Steps for Finding the Perfect Hues for Your Home." The easy-to-read guide helps you choose color palates that complement the exterior of the home, your home's design and the main features of the home exterior — including the roof, siding, windows, door and trim. Smith uses the FRESH approach, which stands for Fixed features, Regional colors, Environment and surroundings, Style of the home, and Have-to-use colors.

FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior

In her second ebook on color selection, national color expert Kate Smith provides step-by-step color guidance for seven different home styles in her downloadable ebook, FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior. This free downloadable book takes a "top down" approach, giving you insights on adding eye-pleasing color palettes to your home exterior starting with the roof, then working your way down to consider your siding, window frames, front door and trim.

Color Visualizer Tool

Create your own custom color blend of roofing using any of the 49 standard colors available from DaVinci Roofscapes. Just click the different colors to see how they look together in blends from two to five colors. Then, print out your color selections to share with family, friends and your roofing installer.

Tips for Selecting Color from the Top Down

Don't know where to start when selecting exterior colors for your home? Follow the tips online from Kate that move you from the roof of your home to consider colors on your home's siding, window frames, doors and trim. You'll also find questions other homeowners have asked along with Kate's answers and advice.

Advice From Our Color Expert

Looking for help deciding on colors for your roof and home exterior? Submit your question and home photos online to Kate Smith, DaVinci's expert on color, and she can provide roofing color advice for your home.

Color Studio FAQs

If you have a specific question about ordering DaVinci roofing products, how to create a custom color or anything else, check out this information-packed section to gain insights!

DaVinci Gallery

When you're looking for colorful inspiration, it's great to see the colors other homeowners have put on their roofs. This section features dozens of images of different home styles with DaVinci roofs in both solid colors and beautiful blends of colors.

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