Installation Ease

Installation Ease

  • DaVinci roofing tiles install faster than natural slate
  • Written and video installation instructions are provided so roofing contractors should need no additional training to install DaVinci products.
  • Pre-collated bundles of roofing tiles, weighing 40 pounds each, are shipped from DaVinci to increase speed of installation and ease of application.
  • Substrate for DaVinci products must be a solid deck and 15/32” APA-approved plywood or 7/16” approved OSB.
  • DaVinci roofing tiles should be installed with copper, stainless steel or hot-dipped galvanized nails.

Job Site Time/Labor Savings

  • DaVinci products are designed to remain flexible at extreme temperatures, making it possible to install roofing tiles during all types of weather.
  • DaVinci Slate installed costs are 50% less than installed quarried slate at a comparable thickness
  • Factory-collated product with all sizes and colors.
  • Low product waste on job site.


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