EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Brownstone-EcoBlend Multi-Width SlateBrownstone-EcoBlend Multi-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Brownstone-EcoBlend Single-Width SlateBrownstone-EcoBlend Single-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Brownstone-EcoBlend Bellaforté SlateBrownstone-EcoBlend Bellaforté Slate
EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Castle Gray-EcoBlend Multi-Width SlateCastle Gray-EcoBlend Multi-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Castle Gray-EcoBlend Single-Width SlateCastle Gray-EcoBlend Single-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Castle Gray-EcoBlend Bellaforté SlateCastle Gray-EcoBlend Bellaforté Slate
EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Slate Gray-EcoBlend Multi-Width SlateSlate Gray-EcoBlend Multi-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Slate Gray-EcoBlend Single-Width SlateSlate Gray-EcoBlend Single-Width Slate
EcoBlend, Slate Gray-EcoBlend Bellaforté SlateSlate Gray-EcoBlend Bellaforté Slate
EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Mountain-EcoBlend Multi-Width ShakeMountain-EcoBlend Multi-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Mountain-EcoBlend Single-Width ShakeMountain-EcoBlend Single-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Mountain-EcoBlend Bellaforté ShakeMountain-EcoBlend Bellaforté Shake
EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Tahoe-EcoBlend Multi-Width ShakeTahoe-EcoBlend Multi-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Tahoe-EcoBlend Single-Width ShakeTahoe-EcoBlend Single-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Tahoe-EcoBlend Bellaforté ShakeTahoe-EcoBlend Bellaforté Shake
EcoBlend, --
EcoBlend, Weathered Grey-EcoBlend Multi-Width ShakeWeathered Grey-EcoBlend Multi-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Weathered Grey-EcoBlend Single-Width ShakeWeathered Grey-EcoBlend Single-Width Shake
EcoBlend, Weathered Grey-EcoBlend Bellaforté Shake`Weathered Grey-EcoBlend Bellaforté Shake`

Features Overview

Looking for a Cool Roof? DaVinci Roofscapes offers a selection of DaVinci EcoBlend® polymer slate and shake roofing tiles that meet the requirements of both ENERGY STAR® and Title 24 for California residents. These roofs reflect sunlight away from a structure and help keep heat from penetrating into the building below.

The following cool roof EcoBlends have been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council to comply with ENERGY STAR® and Title 24 requirements.

Title 24 compliant: Tahoe-EcoBlend, Mountain-EcoBlend, Weathered Gray-EcoBlend, Castle Gray-EcoBlend, Brownstone-EcoBlend, and Slate Gray-EcoBlend.

ENERGY STAR® and Title 24 compliant: Castle Gray-EcoBlend and Weathered Gray-EcoBlend

  • 3 Shake cool roof color blends available in Multi-Width, Single-Width, and Bellaforté profiles
  • 3 Slate cool roof color blends available in Multi-Width, Single-Width, and Bellaforté profiles
  • Roof surface temperatures and attic temperatures can be reduced significantly.
  • By lowering attic temperatures, air conditioning costs can be reduced by as much as 10- 15% according to the Department of Energy's ENERGY STAR program.
  • Reductions in air conditioning use help to reduce the "peak energy demand" on the power grid, reducing the need for new power plant construction.
  • Cool roofs can reduce the effects of "Urban Heat Islands", where data shows that urban areas have higher ambient temperatures than surrounding rural areas because of their concentration of dark surfaces and the sparseness of vegetation (dark surfaces can be up to 70F hotter on a warm summer day than reflective, "cool" surfaces).


Color Blend CRRC # Initial SR Aged SR Initial TE Aged TE Initial SRI Aged SRI Compliant
Weathered Gray-EcoBlend 1000‐0009 0.35 0.33 0.81 0.89 35 35 T24, ES
Mountain-EcoBlend 1000‐0022 0.24 0.24* 0.91 0.90* 25 24* T24
Tahoe-EcoBlend 1000‐0023 0.26 0.25* 0.91 0.91* 27 26* T24
Castle Gray-EcoBlend 1000‐0010 0.32 0.33 0.80 0.88 30 35 T24, ES
Brownstone-EcoBlend 1000‐0021 0.28 0.27* 0.88 0.88* 28 28* T24
Slate Gray-EcoBlend 1000‐0019 0.23 0.23* 0.88 0.89* 22 22* T24
*Rapid Ratings

Go to CRRC Rated Product Directory to get complete list of individual colors.


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