Architect Specifies Composite Roofing for Award-Winning Home

Architect Michael LoBuglio has been busy the past several years designing show-stopping homes in Darien, Connecticut. From the top down, he’s been starting with composite roofing for many of his award-winning home designs.

“One of my favorite newer homes is on Nearwater Lane,” says LoBuglio, principal at Michael LoBuglio Architects. “As the street name suggests, this house is about 300 feet from the Long Island Sound. That closeness to the water means a home in this area needs durable, moisture-resistant, low maintenance products on the exterior.”

Selecting Synthetic Slate

Near-Water-Lane-94-2-768×512As he has with many recent designs, this architect has specified DaVinci Roofscapes composite roofing on the Nearwater Lane home. The exterior features Castle Gray roofing shingles from DaVinci in the Multi-Width Slate product line to complement the grey stone base of the home. In between, there’s white siding, columns and trim.

“Choosing gray for both the stone and roof color creates a nice contrast to the white siding,” says LoBuglio. “This draws attention to the architectural details of the home exterior. I’ve found that DaVinci products are ideal for this area and help enhance my home designs.”

Colorful Insights

According to Kate Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color, LoBuglio made all the right color selections for this home exterior.

“Identifying and repeating the colors (or color cast) from one fixed feature to the next begins to visually tie the exterior color theme together,” says Smith. “When all the permanent elements of the home harmonize — from the roof down to the garage — it creates a very visually appealing exterior color scheme.”

Should LoBuglio wish to use this same exterior design in the future, but with more color, Smith recommends changing out the window frames. By selecting frames in black, gray or a deep red, there would be the opportunity to add just a bit more color.

Award-Winning Project

A winner of the 2017 Spec Home of the Year Award presented by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut, Inc., the home on Nearwater Lane was constructed by VAS Construction.

“I work with VAS Construction a great deal on home designs for this area,” says LoBuglio. “We both like the features and benefits of the DaVinci products.

“Roofs close to the water, like this house, need to resist high winds, impact, algae, insects, fungus and even termites. I’ve repeatedly found that DaVinci offers an aesthetically-pleasing roof that has strong value for homeowners in the features and benefits of the product, plus a reliable warranty.

“Add to all that the fact that DaVinci products are less weight and hassle than real slate, and you’ve got a winner of a roofing product.”