Ask a Roofer: Hall Ryan Construction

Why do roofers repeatedly recommend DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic shake and slate tiles to their customers? According to roofer Chad Whisenhunt, it's because of the consistency DaVinci offers as far as aesthetic appeal and durability.

"We've been re-roofing homes with DaVinci products since 2011," says Whisenhunt, principal and CEO with Hall Ryan Construction in Denver, Colorado. "We keep coming back to DaVinci because of the ease of installation of their products — especially the Bellaforté Shake and Slate tiles — plus their strong warranty offering and the outstanding durability of the product.

"Year-after-year DaVinci offers a beautiful roofing option at an appealing price cost for our customers. I have put composite roofing from DaVinci on my own home — that's how much I believe in their product!"

Synthetic Shakecomposite slate shark roof

Hall Ryan Construction had its most prominent year in 2016 with DaVinci synthetic shake and composite slate roofing tiles. The company installed 21 DaVinci roofs and they see more coming in their future. Known for the high quality of their work and great customer service, the company offers roofing and construction services throughout the Denver marketplace.

"We specialize in helping out homeowners with every size house," says Whisenhunt. "And, we're finding that the Bellaforté shake and slate products are perfect for average homeowners who are looking for long-lasting value, a beautiful and dependable product. Our goal at Hall Ryan is to provide our customers with top-notch craftsmanship at a fair price point. DaVinci Roofscapes helps us accomplish this goal."

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