Baseball-Sized Hail Destroys Real Cedar Roofing

Most Friday nights in Jefferson City, Missouri are fairly uneventful. However, Friday, March 27, 2020 was the exception. That’s the night baseball-sized hail pounded the city. Afterwards, dented cars, busted lawn furniture and broken roofs were on almost every street.

At his dad’s home, Samuel Baker couldn’t believe the ferocity of the storm.

“The hail was so loud I thought it was going to come through the ceiling,” says Baker. “It was at least three-inches in diameter and did a lot of damage throughout our neighborhood. Car windshields were completely gone, barbeque grills demolished, and gutters torn apart.”

For the Bakers, a majority of their home’s 20-year-old cedar roof shingles were split in half by the hail. After the storm, many of them lay scattered around the house. That’s when they knew a new roof was in their future.

Authentic Select ShakeBaseball-Sized Hail

Immediately after the hail storm, the phones at Black & White Roofing started ringing. Baker was just one of many who needed a new roof.

“We recommended Select Shake composite tiles for the Baker home,” says Joe McDevitt with Black & White Roofing. “The realistic cedar shake look impressed these homeowners. After that, when they learned that the DaVinci roofing product is impact and hail resistant, they were sold.”

DaVinci Select Shake tiles are created with the authentic look of real cedar shake taken from natural wood profiles. The 5/8-inch thick, multi-width tiles resemble a traditional cedar shake look. The tiles are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. In addition, the faux cedar shake tiles resist curling, rotting, cracking and insects.

Available in eight- and 10-inch widths, each DaVinci Select Shake tile is 22-inches. The 10-inch wide pieces have a simulated keyway to give the appearance of four- and six-inch width shakes placed together.

Benefits of Composite Roofing

Getting a synthetic shake roof was a completely new concept for Baker.

“I’d never heard of a synthetic roof until Black & White Roofing brought it to our attention,” says Baker. “We need a roof we can count on to handle future storms. However, we also want to keep the same cedar shake look that was original to our almost 70-year-old home. The durability and natural appearance of the Select Shake roof allows us to do that.”

As the Bakers are discovering, a new composite shake roof means less long-term maintenance. In addition to being easy-care, the color on the roofing tiles will never fade. The Select Shake is also insect-, fire- and mold-resistant. This means the Bakers will most likely get a yearly discount on their homeowner insurance premiums.

Topping Off with Color

The Baker family chose the Aged Cedar color for their Select Shake roofing tiles. This color reflects a burnt reddish cedar tone that is generally found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone.

“With the Aged Cedar tiles the roof will look new all the time,” says Baker. “We feel this roof really modernizes the look of the house. The Black & White Roofing team did a great job throughout the entire installation process. We’re very pleased with our new roof.

“Above all, the big bonus is that we can rest easy whenever future hail storms blow through our area!”