Bellaforté Shake Roofs Top 207 Covington Creek Condos

Cracked, rotted and algae-engulfed real cedar roof shingles have topped the 207 condo units at Covington Creek in recent years. The stained, curling and shrunken wooden cedar roofing tiles have now been replaced with Bellaforté Shake polymer roof tiles, giving new life and a renewed look to the 31 buildings in the Fort Wayne, Indiana community.

“The old, less-than-functional cedar shake shingles devalued this property and truly needed to be replaced,” says Mike Hamilton, RRC, RRO and principal with MartinRiley architects and engineers. “Our firm had previously specified DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate roofing for another project and we were happy to present the low-maintenance shake roofing option to the Covington Creek condo committee.

“The homeowners wanted a similar look and color to the original cedar shake roof, but one that would last longer. The realistic-looking Bellaforté shake shingles in the Tahoe-VariBlend color of four gray-brown tones best matched the original shake.”

For roofing installer Terry Minser, the selection of the Bellaforté simulated shake roofing made his job easier. “This condo project has a lot of mansard roofing applications, plus small, tight areas requiring roofing,” says Minser, owner of Minser Enterprises. “The Bellaforté shake alternative shingles work well with all of the different roof slopes at Covington Creek, saving us time and labor. We’ve installed DaVinci composite roofing products on other roofs and the results are always the same — a professional-looking product that enhances the overall project.”

Lightweight roofing solutions from DaVinci are extremely popular for condo projects nationwide. See California’s Mai-Kai Condos Stand Out with New DaVinci Multi-Width Shake Roofing for another feature project!