Canadian Coastal Homeowners Select DaVinci Shake Roof

Living in a coastal area presents universal challenges to homeowners. Whether you’re on a Florida beach, the San Francisco bay area or coastal Maine, you’re going to deal with salt air and sea spray.

That challenge extends upwards into Canada.

“Living in Victoria, British Columbia, we get exposure to the ocean plus some extreme weather conditions on occasion,” says homeowner Kevin Sullivan. “Our 49-year-old home had cedar shakes that were damaged from the weather. Some shakes were actually missing after winter storms we had this past year.

composite Shake

“While attending a local home show I met Caleb Frisen with CR Custom Roofing, Inc. He showed me the DaVinci product and explained its many features. The timing was right and everything we learned about this durable product convinced us to make the investment.”

The Sullivans had a Bellaforté Shake composite roof in Slate Black installed in August of 2017. “We think the roof looks great and makes our home look newer and more modern,” says Sullivan. “We recently enclosed our car port with a modern glass garage door, new lighting and painting. This new roof complements our changes well. It really stands out in the neighborhood and we’ve gotten lots of complements on the roof from friends, neighbors and family.”

With so many roofing options to choose from, what made Sullivan commit to a DaVinci roof? “The look was a major factor in our decision,” says Sullivan. “It was similar to our original roof, but we could tell it was a more durable product that would stand up to the winds and rain we get from being so close to the ocean. We’re also excited that the color won’t fade and that moss can’t build up on the new composite roof.

shake roof

“All in all, we feel confident that this new roof will be worth the investment. This is the roof that will be on our home for its lifetime.”