Composite Slate Roofing Impresses Engineer

Jay Carlson isn’t your typical homeowner. And, his 8,400 sq. foot lakefront house isn’t your typical house.

When Jay and his wife discovered their home three years ago in the Lake of the Ozarks, he thought it had “good bones.” That’s the engineer in him talking. Renovating the house to where they wanted it to be as their future retirement home started at the top — with a new Bellaforté Slate roof.

Composite Roofing Makes Big Impression

composite slate roofing “Originally I didn’t want a composite roof,” says Carlson. “I knew the original asphalt shingle roof had to go, but I was serious about getting a metal roof. From an aesthetic viewpoint I thought it would look the best on our home. Turns out I was wrong.”

After interviewing a variety of roofers, Carlson selected Black and White Roofing, a veteran owned business, to handle the re-roofing of his expansive home. When he asked for their opinion on a roof, he was told to consider composite slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“Doing the research and seeing the product samples changed my mind,” says Carlson. “I saw the extensive warranty available with the product and how good-looking the composite slate shingles were in relationship to the stone and cedar siding on our home.”

Constructed of a composite material made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers as well as a highly-specialized fire retardant, Bellaforté tiles resist fading, rotting, impact, fire, insects, algae growth and mold. The 12-inch wide tiles have a ½-inch thickness and are modeled from actual slate for natural, non-repeating beauty.

Demand for High Performance

For Carlson, it wasn’t good enough to have a new roof that would just look good. He wanted dependable performance.

“Black and White Roofing worked with us to achieve a goal of making our roof as energy-efficient as possible,” says Carlson. “They took off the existing roof and added a thermal barrier sheathing that qualified for a Class A fire rating. Then the roofing team inserted two solar fans to help reduce built-up heat under the roof. Their dedication to helping us reach our goal was impressive.”

Standing Up to Mother Nature

composite slate roofing

The new Canyon blend color on the Carlson house (which was selected to help reflect sunlight) serves as the “icing on the cake” for this waterfront home.

“From an aesthetic standpoint, the DaVinci product blows the doors off other shingle options,” says Carlson. “We’ve now got one of the best-looking home exteriors on the lake. This roof has taken our house to a whole new level of curb appeal.

“Even better than that, we have confidence the Bellaforté product will stand up to hail storms and other severe weather in our area. That gives us tremendous peace-of-mind in making the investment in our composite slate roof.”

Roof #2

What’s next for Carlson? Now that the roof and renovation on his second home are complete, he’s thinking about tackling a remodeling project at his main residence in St. Charles, Missouri.

“Based on this first experience with our Bellaforté roof, I’m strongly considering a DaVinci roof for our other home,” says Carlson. “You can definitely say I’ve done a 180 and have become an advocate for this composite slate roofing product!”