Composite Slate Roofing Tops Lakefront Home

When Larry and Jennifer Downey decided to build a new home on Sunrise Beach in Missouri, they knew who to call. Their son. That’s because Brian Downey heads up Liberty General Contracting. In addition, Brian knew who to call to add the new roof. Black & White Roofing. And that’s because the experienced roofing team installs more than 20 DaVinci composite slate roofs each year.

“It’s pretty convenient to have a general contractor for a son,” says Larry Downey. “In this case, we especially appreciated his expertise. Above all, because he connected us with Black & White Roofing. Thanks to them we have a really terrific roof overhead.”

Better than Real Slate Roofing

When Larry Downey started to research roofing products options, he saw a neighbor having a DaVinci roof being installed. He was sold.Lakefront Home

“I was looking for a slate-type appearance,” says Downey. “It was important to me to find a quality roof that will withstand wind and hail better than other roofing materials. Yet, I wanted it to be lighter in weight than real slate roofing. Overall, I want this roof to outlive my lifetime.”

As he investigated the composite slate shingle options, Downey discovered DaVinci Slate. Each piece is Class A Fire and Class 4 impact rated. The tiles are made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers and a highly-specialized fire retardant.

Lakefront living is ideal for DaVinci tiles. They resist fading, rotting, cracking and insects. In addition, they resist algae and moss growth. Modeled from actual slate for natural, non-repeating beauty, the slate tile roof is backed by a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.


A Winning Combination

Choosing the color of slate shingles for their home was easy. The Downeys just looked out at the water.

“The Slate Gray color not only looks great near the water,” says Downey, “It also is a terrific compliment to the red brick and whitish-gray limestone rock on our home. We’ve had boaters stop on our dock to ask about the roof. They’re impressed with the look, the color and the fact that it’s a faux slate tile!

“The DaVinci slate roofing adds much to the look of our home. And, at the same time, it provides a higher level of protection from the weather. That’s a winning combination!”

Lakefront Home