Custom DaVinci Red Roof Tops Townhomes

Constructed more than 30 years ago, the 23 townhomes in the Mt. Curve Place community in Minneapolis feature a complicated design style. Each home was designed individually so that one townhome may feature a flat roof, while another a steep slope roof and still others have bays.

When it came time for the replacement of the original roof in 2013, each homeowner had a differing opinion. While using real terracotta tiles or slate was a desire, research found that the materials would add too much weight to the roof. After a great deal of research, the homeowners association decided on realistic-looking Valoré Slate polymer tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Slate Alternative"This was a serious project for us," says Bill Kirchner, a board member of the Mt. Curve Place Homeowners Association. "We spent a year researching roof material options and interviewed a wide variety of local roofing companies. The authentic look of the DaVinci synthetic slate, coupled with the company's ability to create a custom color match to our current roof sold us on this lightweight roofing solution."

The unique red slate (not too orangey, and not too red) was custom created by the team at DaVinci Roofscapes for the townhomes. Once the tiles arrived on site, the dedicated team at Les Jones Roofing, Inc. installed the composite slate roofing materials over several months.

"We're exceptionally pleased with both the work provided by Les Jones Roofing and with the final look of our roofs," says Kirchner. "The design of the back of the DaVinci tiles is unique, so that it helps the tile later flatter and resist cupping. That was important to us.

"By selecting the DaVinci product we got an aesthetically-pleasing roof in a custom color that we believe will last for decades. Everyone's happy with this roofing decision and with the quality of work provided by Les Jones Roofing."

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