Custom Installations

DaVinci Roofscapes prides itself in being the best choice to truly create a custom roof. DaVinci offers 49 in-stock colors that can be blended to your specification. We can also create tiles from custom colors that are only limited by your imagination.

All of these colors and how they are blended is only part of the customization process. The way the tiles are installed is another way to make your roof truly unique. The tiles can be installed with a very unusual stagger or can be doubled or tripled up to make interesting textures. Tiles can also be curved, bent, cut, etc. to accommodate most any structure.

A good example of a custom staggered installation is this European Blend in DaVinci Slate by Rodney Turner.


An example of adding extra tiles in places to add texture is this roof installed in Colorado in a custom weathered green color.



DaVinci Shakes are cut and molded to accommodate the fantastic structure below in Upstate New York.