Failing Concrete Roof Leads Homeowner to Composite Slate Roofing

Homeowner Julie Beck knew she had to get a new roof when it started raining inside her attic. Cracked concrete tiles, a poor installation job and overall deterioration of her concrete roof all combined in 2015 to prompt Beck to invest in a new Bellaforté Slate roof.

“We suffered with this failing concrete roof for almost five years,” says Beck, a homeowner in Stillwell, Kansas. “I loved the look of the concrete tiles, but problems kept reoccurring. They did not perform well with our freeze/thaw cycles and temperature changes.”

Fake SlateWhen Shawn Bellis of Epic Exteriors saw the condition of Beck’s roof he knew it was time the family invested in new simulated slate roofing.

“There were broken and cracked concrete tiles throughout the entire roof resulting in multiple leaks,” says Bellis. “It’s such a beautiful home and the roof is a prominent feature. However it was in very poor condition and gave the homeowners headaches on a daily basis.”

Bellis recommended a product he’s installed many times before, polymer slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes. The composite roofing material is impervious to freeze-thaw conditions and even with moisture on the tiles, the simulated slate tiles won’t absorb water, so there are no chances of cracking or splitting of the tiles.

Following advice from Bellis, Beck and her husband Christopher went to 15 different homes to see the installed product before making their decision. (See Invest in Your Roof)

“Our roof has a strong visual effect on the house plus there’s a breezeway that connects to a guest house,” says Beck. “I needed to feel completely comfortable that the new faux slate roof would complement our entire home.

“I have zero regrets about selecting the Bellaforté Slate roof. The European-VariBlend of four different shades of grays and purple looks very authentic to natural slate. This roof has given new life to our home and I have peace-of-mind because there’s a lifetime limited materials warranty backing up our new roof. We just had three straight days of rain and it’s completely dry in our attic. I couldn’t be happier!”