Farewell Flying Shakes!

There are three ways to know when you’ve waited too long to get your roof replaced. First, when you can see the sky from gaps in the roof inside your home. Second, when you can grab a quick shower using rainwater falling through your roof. And third, when your lawn is littered with fallen roof shingles.

Sadly, Charles and his wife Annette experienced all three of these situations this past year.

“Our real cedar shakes started flying off and leaving massive gaps,” says Charles, a homeowner on the northern shore of Massachusetts. “I could be in the living room, look straight up and see daylight. We were exposed to the weather and elements. And when it rained, we had leaks in all kinds of places.”

Simply put, after 20 years of coastal conditions, their cedar shakes failed.

Switching to Synthetic Slate

Taking control back of his home, Charles spoke with a friend who was building a custom house in Connecticut. That’s when he first learned about the benefits of composite roofing products from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I liked the long-term durability, and of course, the fact that the synthetic tiles wouldn’t fly off our roof,” says Charles.

Meeting with roofer Gino Spero of Refined Home Services, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor, the homeowners followed a growing trend of “switching it up” and changed from real shake to synthetic slate roofing. They selected the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate product in an Evergreen color.

“The slate product seems more modern, but with a touch of elegance,” says Charles. “The DaVinci roof makes the property look a million times better.”

New Roof Increases Property Value

When the Refined Home Services crew arrived to work on the project in February of 2023, they dealt with strong winds and harsh winter weather. First they tackled the main house. After that they re-roofed a garage with a guest apartment overhead. Durable DaVinci roofing was also added to a bunker directly on the ocean. Even the dog’s house now enjoys the benefits of composite roofing.

In each case the crew began with removal of the old shakes and strapping board. Then came the installation of 5/8” plywood, lead-coated copper W valleys followed by the DaVinci composite slate roofing.

“The DaVinci product totally changed the look of this property,” says Spero, with Refined Home Services out of Atkinson, New Hampshire. “You can immediately tell that the new roofing has drastically increased the value of the property. More than that, the durability and performance of this product will give peace-of-mind to the homeowner for decades into the future.”

According to Charles, Gino’s team was “a lifesaver.” The new roof has skyrocketed the curb appeal of his property and the crew did a great job.

“We couldn’t be happier,” says Charles. “They were an excellent team and we’re exceptionally pleased with their fine work. They’ve given us a roof that looks and performs well, plus there hasn’t been a single leak. We’ve fallen in love with our property all over again!”