From the Architect’s Corner – Synthetic Shake Used as Siding

If you flip through the pictures on our website you will see many examples of DaVinci ShakeValoré Shake, and Bellaforté Shake used as roofing, but the fact is these products can be used as siding as well. This week I spoke with a designer in the Midwest who has a client interested in using our product to replace the natural cedar siding that is on her home. Much of the house has problems with algae growth as a result of the current siding. One of the benefits of polymer tiles is they are resistant to algae growth. Also a plus, the current siding is multi-width and he believed DaVinci Shake (which comes in sizes of 9", 8", 7", 6" and 4" widths) would best match what they had before. 

Pictured is DaVinci Shake in the Mountain Blend on a home in Minnesota. Click here to see more projects featured using shake as siding.

Happy Friday, Architects!