Historic Home Gets DaVinci Polymer Slate Roof

When roofer Troy Brown got involved in the re-roofing project of a 1921 home in Lynchburg, Va., he was in for quite a history lesson. The house was designed by architect Stanhope Johnson in 1918 and required massive renovation work by the new homeowner to bring it back to its original beauty.

After tackling the interior wiring, plumbing and plastering, the homeowner next turned to the exterior. Repairs were made to the woodwork and eaves extending from the house that help hold up the roof.

When it came time to select an authentic-looking replacement roof, the homeowner relied on Brown and his team for their recommendation of DaVinci Roofscapes polymer slate tiles. “The slate black composite roofing tiles really complement the style of the house design, which is a fusion of French Cottage and California Bungalow,” says Brown with W.A. Lynch Roofing. “We’ve successfully installed the DaVinci luxury roof products previously, so I was confident this would be a good product for this historic renovation.”

Slate Roof Shingles

According to Brown, the unique roof design features a large eyebrow shape blended into the front elevation roofline. “Because DaVinci offers multiple sizes of product we were able to create a random pattern for the roof that works perfectly with the overall style of the home,” says Brown. “A good number of Stanhope’s building and home designs are on the National Register of Historic Places, so we really felt compelled to make certain this roof was done perfectly so that the homeowner can pursue a historic designation for his home in the future.”

With the roof now complete, the home renovation continues with plans to replace the back deck with iron decking, custom railings and a rear retaining wall. “The new roof truly sets this house apart in the neighborhood with its copper work and downspouts,” says Brown. “The DaVinci slate roof alternative turned out absolutely stunning. This roofing product has added character and beauty to the home and makes us really see Stanhope’s original design vision turn into reality.”

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