HOA-Approved Synthetic Shake Blankets Harbour Point

Life is changing for homeowners in the private community of Harbour Point. Located on Lake Lanier in Georgia, two years ago the residents mostly had either pine shake or cedar shake roofs. Not anymore. Not after Elite Exteriors presented Select Shake as an option to the Homeowners Association and won them over.

“Actually, we started with the HOA,” says Carlton Kohler, owner of Elite Exteriors out of Hoschton, Georgia.  “After that we met with each individual homeowner at Harbour Point. There had to be a unanimous decision in order to change the covenants to allow DaVinci synthetic shake to be installed in the community.”

This family's HOA-approved synthetic shake roof gives them the beauty of real cedar shake without the constant maintenance.
The First Phone Call

It all started when a resident called Kohler about a year ago. He wanted a shake roof repaired. Upon inspection, the roofer advised him that his roof had just a few years of life left.

Like many cedar roof lovers, the owner was sad. He’d waited all these years for the cedar to turn to the aged color he truly loved. However, he was tired of maintaining a cedar roof. He was resigned to installing an asphalt roof, which was an option approved by the HOA.

Not so fast, said Kohler. He showed the customer DaVinci’s Select Shake roofing product. The most authentic-looking shake alternative available, the composite shake has the durability and beauty the homeowner really wanted.

Everyone On Board

Once the first HOA-approved synthetic Select Shake roofs in the Aged Cedar color was installed at Harbour Point, a snowball started to roll quickly downhill for Elite Exteriors.

“We’ve installed three Select Shake roofs at Harbour Point,” says Kohler. “And, we have three more pending. We’ve got several other people interested, too.

“Homeowners are tired of dealing with splitting, curling and damaged real shakes. When they see the high quality of the synthetic shakes, they’re really impressed. This is a lake-front area. These people would rather be enjoying their location than dealing with the hassles of repeatedly maintaining their roofs.

“This is also a storm-prone area. The fact that these are Class 4 impact tiles makes a big difference. High winds and severe weather don’t touch these tiles. As a result, most homeowners will have lower insurance premiums. So, they win with a good-looking, easy-to-maintain roofing product, and then they win again with a reduced insurance rate.”

Homeowner Peace of Mind

One of those winning homeowners is Russell Morris. His 19-year-old pine shake roof had hail damage in June of 2020. As a result, the shakes were in poor condition with minor leaks.

“When I made the investment in the new DaVinci roof, I was ready to say farewell to maintenance hassles,” says Morris. “I was happy with the projected longevity of the new roof and the lifetime limited materials warranty. The fire resistance, hail durability, high impact and wind speed durability all impressed me.

“Working with Elite Exteriors was very easy. They did 99 percent of the legwork with my insurance company and the bank engineering inspectors. Originally the insurance company only wanted to repair the roof. Elite Exteriors showed them that the roof could not be repaired without causing more damage. They showed them why and how the roof had to be replaced. Overall, the team was very professional, considerate and highly efficient.”

Within a matter of weeks Morris had his new HOA-approved synthetic shake in the Aged Cedar color overhead. “Three homes on my street have used the same product,” says Morris. “All of them have definitely improved the curb appeal of the street.”

According to Morris, the aesthetic appeal and functional practicality are great benefits of the new synthetic shake roof. After that, as icing on the cake, he believes the new DaVinci roof increased the overall value of his home by about 10 percent.