Home Synthetic Home with DaVinci Roofscapes

For many homeowners across the country, the phrase “Home Sweet Home” has happily turned into “Home Synthetic Home.”

Thanks to DaVinci Roofscapes, people are enjoying their home more … and sleeping a bit easier at night. Along with adding protection to the home, the composite roofing materials bring curb appeal and extra value to the home along with peace-of-mind. Here are some of the comments we’ve had from homeowners who have invested in our easy-care polymer roofing:

“This synthetic roof is really amazing. It has great street appeal and has definitely improved the value of my home. And, it’s remarkable how quickly it sheds the snow that builds up after a winter storm. I’ve recommended this slate alternative roof to family members and friends because I believe it’s such a durable and top-quality product.”

Gary Ackerman

Polymer Roofing“We looked into many options when deciding to replace the asphalt shingle roof on our home. Our research brought us to the DaVinci Roofscapes website. The Bellaforté roof that’s now on our house is absolutely beautiful — it’s the icing on the cake for our 3,800-square foot ranch-style home.”

Kathy Bradshaw

 “After doing extensive research, I selected DaVinci’s slate polymer tiles. They return the original historic look to the home, but because they’re made out of polymer they won’t be as much trouble as the previous roof. This product looks authentic to the original house, but resists rot, impact, fire and insects, so it’s virtually maintenance-free.”

Irene Darocha

“DaVinci’s warranty is unbeatable and the roof looks sensational. I would recommend this roof to anyone because it resists moss and mildew so the roof is virtually maintenance free. Even the birds that used to gather on our old wood shake roof are finally gone. So this roof has solved many problems for us while enhancing the look and value of our home.”

Henry Bretthauer