Homeowners Create Their Own DaVinci Roofing Color Blends

When Mike and Andrea Boone decided to replace their worn-out shake roof, they wanted to make a big change. First the couple switched from the maintenance hassles of natural shake to the easy-care of DaVinci polymer slate roof tiles. Next, they wanted to add some color to their home.

With 49 colors to choose from, the Boones created a personalized DaVinci Multi-Width Slate synthetic roof featuring a blended combination of Slate Black and Slate Gray with highlight colors blended in of Light Green and Dark Green.

“We wanted a luxury roof with some interest to it, not just one tedious color,” says homeowner Boone, who lives in the coastal town of Cayucos, Calif. “Also, we needed a roof color combination that would not show sea salt spray or seagull poop.

"The subtleness of the colors we selected blended well together. We liked the blend of the roof colors so much that they inspired us to select exterior siding and accent colors to complement it. The roof is a focal point of the house and we are extremely happy with the decisions we made on all the colors and products that make up our ‘new’ older home.”

Across the country in Texas, homeowner Mercedez Tylock also decided to create her own DaVinci custom color roof. After consulting with national color expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color, Tylock decided to have DaVinci create a custom blend for her roof of Light and Dark Gray, Light and Dark Purple and Dark Violet tones.

“The Tylocks really wanted to make a color statement on their home’s exterior that unified their entire house,” says Smith, president of Sensational Color. “They were working with a great deal of pink/red hues in the exterior brick and also with natural stonework. To unify all these colors, I suggested they go with rich, deep colors for the composite slate roof to help the brick stand out on its own."

According to Tylock, Smith’s advice made sense and the family embraced the idea of “top-down” color. “I’m not sure anyone has ever created this custom blend of grays and purples before, but it’s perfect for our home,” says Tylock. “I wouldn’t change a thing about this experience. We now have a roof we can depend on to resist future severe weather along with colors that embrace the full aspect of our home.”

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