Lesson Learned: Life After Hail Damage

After severe hail damaged all 35 condo roofs at the Catawba Shores lakeside community in 2012, the homeowners association vowed not to let costly storm damage impact their homes again.

“The hail damage caught us by surprise," says Jim Packard, president of the Catawba Shores Homeowners Association in Port Clinton, Ohio. "But we quickly learned that real wood shakes just don’t hold up against Mother Nature. The damage was so bad that our insurance company subsidized the cost of all the replacement roofs.”

After researching the community’s options and meeting with a contractor from Industrial Tech Construction and a representative a DaVinci Roofscapes, the Catawba Shores community committed to the man-made Bellaforté Shake roofing tiles.

“We’re all extremely pleased with the authentic appearance of these synthetic shake tiles and how they’ve given a fresh, new look to our condos,” says Packard. “More importantly, we feel we made the right selection with DaVinci since these roofing tiles are impact-, hail-, insect-, algae- and fire-resistant. We estimate that we’re saving more than $10,000 per year on the ongoing maintenance costs from our old roof, and we’ve got the peace-of-mind that these roofs will help protect our units from fire and hail.


Bellaforté Shake composite roofing tiles have a multi-width appearance replicating hand-split real cedar shakes. The tiles feature slanted sawn edges and staggered lengths.

The 12-inch Bellaforté Shake tiles feature multiple profiles that enable roofing contractors to create a staggered appearance that simulates a natural rough hewn wood shake roof. Just as with other DaVinci luxury roof products, the Bellaforté Shake lightweight tiles are 100 percent recyclable and come with a 50-year limited warranty.

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