Neighborhood Trend Setter!

This product literally caused traffic issues on the main road that fronts our home. During the installation process we had a steady stream of people stopping as they drove by, plus people just camped out on our front lawn asking questions about the product while it was being installed.

Today we are the only home within hundreds of miles with this polymer roofing product. However, after all the excitement it’s generated, I’m certain more Canadians will be requesting it soon.

I’m extremely pleased with this impressive engineered product. It’s got everything we need here in Canada — a 50-year limited warranty that means I’ll never have to replace the roof again in my lifetime, incredible fire-, impact- and insect-resistance, and the aesthetic look that perfectly fits our neighborhood.

It seems that we’ve started a trend in our neighborhood!

Barry George
Thunder Bay, Canada
Bellaforté Slate – Sabino Blend