One Year Later: What it’s Like to Have a DaVinci Polymer Roof

A year ago Jeremy Hollingsworth had a Bellaforté Shake roof installed on his Birmingham, Alabama home. We decided to reach out to Jeremy to see how he felt about his DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof tiles after living with them for awhile.

Q: Now that your composite shake roof has been on for awhile, what do you think of it? 

A: No question, this is the roof for our home. The Weathered Gray blend is color matched to the home and the colors have held up very well. Its durability is unmatched. No one thinks of their roof as a “feature” of their home. With a DaVinci designer roof, we notice it every single day and so does everyone else.  

Designer Roof


Q: What do friends and neighbors have to say about your roof?  

A: All of our neighbors comment on it because it definitely grabs your attention when you go by. People always ask me, “what’s it made of?" From the street, it looks like natural cedar roofing, but I tell them it’s an engineered product that will last longer and has a Class A Fire Rating.

Q: Hail and storms can be a problem in your area. Has your DaVinci shake tile roof had to "do battle" with any severe weather conditions? If so, how did it do? 

A: We get a lot of storms in the deep south during the summer months including limbs and debris from all of our trees. This impact-resistant roof has held up as we thought it would. The durability is unmatched.

Q:  What do you consider the best features of the Bellaforté Shake roof? 

A: We feel it brought great new character to our home aesthetically. Plus, nobody wants to get on a roof to make repairs and the durability of DaVinci cedar shake roof keeps me off the ladder and roof, which keeps my wife happy. Also, the life of the simulated shake roofing is a bonus for us down the road. Whether we decide this is our forever home or if we decide to sell in the future, it's a win/win investment.

For more details on Jeremy's composite shake roof, see Shaking Up an Alabama Home.