Passing DaVinci Roof on to Future Generations

Tucked tightly in near the White Mountains of western Maine is the tiny town of Lovell. With a population of less than 2,000, this is a vacation retreat area. Many homes, including the one belonging to David and Elizabeth Woods, are passed on through the generations.

For the Woods family, their house sits alongside Kezar Lake. The expansive lake boasts 2,665 acres of relaxing waters for fishing and boating.

Because the Woods want to spend more of their time enjoying the lake than maintaining their lake house, they recently invested in a composite slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. The new Single-Width Slate roof, in a Slate Gray color, replaces aging shingles previously on the home.

Good Parents

DaVinci Roof for Future Generations

The Woods are both 83 years old. They know that the vacation home they now treasure will pass down to their children in a few years. After that, it will pass on to their grandchildren. That’s a major reason why they selected the composite roof.

“Realistically, we don’t want to leave our children saddled with having to put a new roof on this home,” says David Woods. “The Lifetime Limited Warranty offered by DaVinci is very appealing to us. So is the low-maintenance aspect of the composite slate.”

Good Roof

While the investment in the new roof exceeded their original budget, they believe it’s worth the extra money.

“We were actually considering a metal roof at first,” says Woods. “Then we started doing our research. I found the comparison chart on the DaVinci website. This made it possible for me to easily see the advantages of the composite roofing.

SWSL_Slate Gray_Residential 2“And, quite honestly, the slate-like look of the DaVinci product was almost irresistible. It’s truly a beautiful roof that we plan to enjoy now … and hope our children will enjoy in the future.”

Installed by Roofers Elite out of Yarmouth, Maine, the new roof features state-of-the-art tiles. Each composite slate tile is made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly-specialized fire retardant. Along with being beautiful, the easy-care composite roof will help protect the home from severe weather for decades to come.