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Home Exterior Shines with Colorful Roof

Mercedez Tylock didn’t let a hailstorm ruin her love of her 13-year old home. Instead, the Texas professional interior designer… Read More

photo of home exterior

Neighborhood Trend Setter!

This product literally caused traffic issues on the main road that fronts our home. During the installation process we had… Read More

Colorful Roof Complements Home Exterior

When a severe hailstorm ruined the roof on her 13-year old home, Texas resident Mercedez Tylock decided to “make lemonade… Read More

Polymer Shake Roofing Appreciated in North Carolina

In Todd, N.C., roofer Ken Bowman has been busy. Bowman,  who installs roofs at the Stonebridge Log Home community in… Read More

Polymer Roof Investment Pleases Oregon Homeowner

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – Homeowner Henry Bretthauer does his research and carefully weighs options before making purchasing decisions. That’s why… Read More

Featured Project – Aspen, CO

At an 8100 foot elevation the residents of Vail, CO know a thing or two about what the climate can… Read More

DaVinci Roof Installation Stops Traffic in Canada!

Know what causes traffic to stop in Thunder Bay, Canada? Homeowner Barry George recently discovered that it was the installation… Read More

Featured Project – Des Moines, IA

We’ve featured this project before, but the roof is complete, and it’s too nice not to show off again! DaVinci… Read More

From the Architect’s Corner – Project Showcase

Often I receive calls from architects looking for profiles on projects similar to what they are working on. Most recently… Read More

Traffic-Stopping Polymer Roof Installation in Canada

The installation of the first DaVinci Roofscapes® polymer roof in Thunder Bay, Canada has caused quite a stir — and… Read More

DaVinci Creates Custom Sky Blue Single-Width Slate Roof for Minnesota Homeowner

When his clients requested a sky blue colored slate roof to remind them of their native Russian architecture, Tom Sullivan… Read More

Custom Sky Blue Single-Width Slate Roof Enhances Minnesota Home

KANSAS CITY, KAN. – To meet the specific needs of homeowners, sometimes building industry professionals need to get creative. That’s… Read More

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