Roofer Installs Bellaforté Shake on His Own Home

Many of us seek out the advice of professionals. For example, when going to a doctor and offered options we may ask the question, “what would you do in my shoes?” We ask this question because we know the doctor has more knowledge than we do, so we value their opinion.

It’s the same with any professional. That’s why, when a professional roofer with 20 years of experience chooses a DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic shake roof for his own home, it makes us stand up and take notice.

“For my family’s home, I wanted the Bellaforté Shake tiles,” says Matt Appelhanz, president of Appelhanz Roofing, Inc. in Kansas. “When we constructed our home last year, it really came down to the high profile look that you can get with the Bellaforté product.


“Our company has installed almost 20 DaVinci composite roofs in the past four years. Each time we install a Bellaforté roof it strikes me all over again that this is a light weight roof that has an elegant look. The synthetic shake roof is easy to install, durable, has a Class 4 impact rating — which is important to our area — and, to top off that package, it’s also available at a reasonable price point.”

What IS that Roof?

For his home in Topeka, Appelhanz and his wife Darcy decided on the Mountain color blend to complement their home’s stone and wood exterior.

“This roof took four days for our crew to install,” says Appelhanz. “Since I acted in the dual role of general contractor and homeowner for the project, I responded to many questions about the roof on a daily basis.

“Both subcontractors and passersby constantly approached me and asked what kind of roof was on the house. It was by far the question I was asked most during the entire construction process!”

Appelhanz shared the details of why he selected the Bellaforté Shake roof with anyone who inquired.


“From our experiences installing this product for the past several years we’ve seen how it resists fading, rotting, cracking and pests,” says Appelhanz. “The bonus is it resists impact, hail, high winds and fire. Bellaforté Shake offers the beauty of real cedar shake, but without the maintenance hassles.

“Overall, I recommend this composite roof to any of our customers looking for a reliable roof with a realistic shake appearance. In this case, my wife and I were the customers … and we took my own advice!”