Roofing Magic

Home renovations can be a bit like magic. One day you're living with an outdated kitchen with aging appliances, and weeks later that space is transformed into an inviting kitchen area with new cabinets, sinks and appliances.

Fake Cedar ShakeA re-roofing project can have similar positive results for your home … especially if your cedar shake roof is splitting, curling or insect-infested.

DaVinci Roofscapes to the rescue! Our synthetic shake roofing materials are carefully crafted using virgin resins to guarantee a sustainable roofing product. And, they come with a lifetime warranty, so you know you're gaining long-term peace of mind when investing in our composite shake shingles.

Need proof? Just read what one Minnesota homeowner had to say about his roofing transformation project.

"I wanted something that looked like real wood shakes but performed better," says homeowner Thomas Meyers of Prior Lake, Minn. "I was tired of our older wood shakes deteriorating with different weather conditions. Plus, mold would accumulate on the wood shakes and the shakes were fading. Overall, dealing with this roof was a huge headache.

"After doing research on DaVinci Roofscapes and discussing the product with our contractor, we decided our best option was the Bellaforté Shake product that resists impact, wind, algae and mold.

"Overall our roof plays a major role in the architectural style of our home. Having a new roof that we won't have to worry about warping, mold or storm damage is terrific. I'd definitely recommend the roof to family and friends, and I believe the Bellaforté Shake product is a sensible long-term investment for our home."

Here's a bonus tip: Roof Replacement: Do Your Research Before You Buy!