Saying Good-Bye to Real Cedar Shake Roofing


Built in the late 1980s, Maurice O’Meara’s duplex home in Vail, Colorado has seen its share of winter storms. Over the years, the real cedar shake roofing overhead simply wore out. That’s when he started researching composite roofing.

“It’s really a shame that, just about the time when real cedar shakes weather to a rich-looking color they start to fail in their job of protecting the home,” says O’Meara. “We really liked the look of the cedar shakes on the house, but our weather conditions truly took their toll on the real wood shakes.”

Enter Horizon Roofing.

DMCP Horizon Roofing

“When we met the owners of this home they wanted a proven product that looked good,” says Craig Jagger, vice president of Horizon Roofing out of Eagle, Colo. “They wanted to maintain the appearance of the real cedar shakes currently on the house, but without the maintenance hassles.

According to Jagger, the old cedar shake roof on the home was at the end of its serviceable life. And, even if the homeowners had wanted to replace it with a new cedar roof, they couldn’t.

“This house falls under the jurisdiction of the town design review committee,” says Jagger. “That committee approves new roof systems for roof replacement situations.

“A few years ago they banned the use of real cedar shakes. That opened the door for us to introduce the homeowners to composite shakes from DaVinci Roofscapes.”

Reliable Composite Shake

With a Class A fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating, composite roofing from DaVinci has steadily grown in popularity throughout Colorado.

“It’s not just a matter of meeting the required regulations,” says Jagger. “The DaVinci product has an extremely realistic appearance. We’ve installed several other DaVinci composite shake roofing projects in this neighborhood and the homeowners have universally been very pleased.”

For the O’Meara home a DaVinci Multi-Width Shake tile in a Mountain color blend was installed on the duplex. The proven track record of the product, combined with the Lifetime Limited Warranty, brought peace-of-mind to the homeowners.


The Look You Love for a Lifetime

DMCP Horizon RoofingAs the owners discovered, there was no reason to shy away from the look of real shake for their home … they just needed to alter the product used on their roof. DaVinci Multi-Width Shake recalls the craftsmanship and authenticity of natural, hand-split cedar shake with the advantages of color stability.

Unfortunately, the long-hailed performance attributes of cedar shake have disappeared along with old-growth trees. Rotting, cracking and curling of real wood is inevitable. In most climates, cedar shake has a lifespan comparable to (or even less than) asphalt. The deep-grained, multiple-width tiles available from DaVinci give homeowners the look they love for a lifetime.

“We invested in DaVinci because of the quality, reputation and physical appearance of the composite shake product,” says O’Meara. “The roofing looks very good with the copper accents we had installed on the roof.

“We’re very satisfied with the overall job done by Horizon Roofing and with the products they installed. Personally, I think the finished DaVinci roof looks outstanding!”