Shaking Up an Old Farmhouse

Almost 100 years old, the farm house owned by Robert Ramsay was constructed using old growth materials. Cedar board and batten siding on the exterior, real cedar roof shingles and plaster walls for the interior. When it came time to replace his old barn shake roof last year, Ramsay was set on finding a roof that complemented his historic home.

“New hand-split shakes were not an option due to their high price,” says Ramsay. “Plus, wind-blown fire ignition on roofs has become an issue in our part of the world with wildfires. That left me researching for options on the Internet.”

Lakes Rd – Ballaforte Shake 5 (2) best shot

What Ramsay found was the appeal of authentic-looking simulated cedar shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes. With a Class A fire rating, the Bellaforté Shake tiles installed on his home resist fire along with impact, high winds, algae and moss growth, and insect infestations. At an average thickness of one-inch, the Bellaforté Shakes reminded Ramsay of the original jumbo barn shakes previously on his roof.

After meeting with several roofers, Ramsay selected CR Custom Roofing to install his shake roof. “I’m a curmudgeon and I will not abide second best,” says Ramsay. “The work done by CR Custom Roofing was exceptional. There was attention to detail by a skilled team. To me, they set the standard for excellence in our roofing community.”

With a new polymer shake roof overhead that replicates his previous 50-year-old barn shakes, Ramsay happily shares his roofing story with anyone who will listen.

“This is a superb product,” says Ramsay. “It’s cheaper in the long run and has the look I wanted. Our whole purpose was to preserve the appearance of our nonagenarian farmhouse and the DaVinci product was an excellent match.”