South Dakota Home Has First Bellaforté Shake Roof in Black Oak

Diane and Larry Ness didn’t know they’d be trend setters. However, as the first homeowners in America to have Bellaforté Shake composite tiles in Black Oak installed on their home, they instantly gained celebrity status — at least in the world of roofing!

Searching for a New Roof

The Yankton, South Dakota homeowners needed a new roof. Their real cedar shake roof was in bad shape. Moss growth, plus rain and wind damage, made the roof spongy. Above all, a tree falling on a portion of the roof recently made a hole. This meant it was time for a new roof.

“We drove around looking at roofs on other homes to get ideas,” says Diane Ness. “We kept coming back to one specific house that became our favorite. Luckily, on our last swing by the homeowner was outside.

“We stopped to talk with her. She had composite shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes in a Mountain blend on her home. Surprisingly, she actually had a sample in her garage. She told us who to call and that put us on the right track.”

Who Ya Gonna Call?Black Oak

The Nesses contacted Austin Bettin with Premier Systems Inc. In business since 2002, his company regularly installs DaVinci composite shake and slate roofing.

“Larry and Diane were very specific in what they wanted,” says Bettin, managing partner with Premier Systems. “They liked the thought of a roof that is both impact and fire resistant. The thickness of the Bellaforté Shake tile intrigued them. And, they liked the DaVinci warranty.

“Our company has had a good deal of success with the Bellaforté product. Those experiences made us feel very comfortable recommending the DaVinci composite shake product.

“Mostly though, they were looking for a very particular color for their roof. I showed them the Mountain color they had seen on the other home. They were pleased with it, but searching for something with a bit more character and a slight hint of tan. That’s when I told them about the Black Oak color.”

Introduced to other DaVinci product lines during the past several years, Black Oak is part of the Nature Crafted Collection of colors. The nature-inspired color is very realistic. The Black Oak color reminds people of natural cedar shingles that have been saturated with moisture and mold for many years. The color tells the story of dark, aged cedar on a home — with a hint of tan.

Dedicated Service

For the Ness family, Black Oak was the ideal color for their roof.

Once the decision was made, the composite shake roof was ordered. Then the Premier Systems team got to work. Installation went swiftly and smoothly.

“The entire roofing crew was great,” says Larry Ness. “They cleaned up every night before they left. You could tell they took pride in their job. I’ve already recommended them to several other people, along with the DaVinci product.”

Black Oak

Getting the Right Color … and Roofer

“We wanted something with charcoal to go with the look of our home,” says Diane Ness. “We have white brick and black shutters. As soon as we saw the samples of Black Oak we knew it was perfect for our roof. It adds character to the house. We like the way it contrasts with the light color of the home exterior.

“What truly matters to us is that Austin went the extra mile. He didn’t just sell us the Mountain color because it would have worked and been easily available. He went the extra mile.

“Austin truly thought the Black Oak would be best for our home. He followed through and got us samples before the Black Oak was openly available in the Bellaforté tile. We appreciate that type of service and dedication. His efforts resulted in us getting a roofing color that we truly love.”