Superman Roofs

DaVinci Synthetic Slate Survives Golf Ball Size HailIn Oklahoma City, where there are hundreds of traditional roofs destroyed by recent hail storms, roofer Thad Jennings has a theory about synthetic roofs.

"Every ceramic, concrete, metal, asphalt and composite roof I’ve seen in this area has been damaged by hail storms," says Jennings, president of Jenco Roofing. "However, the synthetic slate DaVinci roofs we’ve installed over the past several years on homes in the same area are completely unaffected. It’s like a Superman roof that nothing can touch."

DaVinci’s durable synthetic slate and shake roofs are indeed up to the test of the "Man of Steel." The green roofing options are Class 4 impact rated, meeting the UL 2218 Impact Test.

The synthetic slate tiles have been successfully tested independently to resist straight line winds at 110mph. Backed by a 50-year warranty, the luxury roofs are in demand throughout Oklahoma in the aftermath of the storms.

"I have intense interest right now in a dozen new synthetic roof systems from DaVinci based on the outcome of this storm," says Jennings. "Smart homeowners are making the change to synthetic shake and slate roofs."