Synthetic Roofing Replaces Failing Cedar Shakes

When Matthew Harris purchased his Colorado home three years ago, he knew the failing cedar shake shingles would be one of the first major home improvement projects on his “to do” list. Now, with new synthetic roofing overhead, he can exhale. He knows that his home is protected from all types of weather conditions.

“This house was built in 1993 and had the original cedar shake roof on it,” says Harris, a resident of Singletree, Colo. “We had to replace it. There were actually places you could see the underlayment exposed instead of the deteriorating cedar shakes.”

synthetic roofing

Roofing Research

As Harris started his roof replacement research, he learned that his homeowner’s association required DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic roofing products.

“I wanted a roof that I wouldn’t have to deal with in the future,” says Harris. “At the same time we wanted to change the look of the exterior. We selected a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof in a custom Dark Autumn color to blend in with the color of the stucco on our home.”

To handle the synthetic roofing renovation Harris selected TCC Roofing Contractors, Inc.

“We love the transformation of this roof from a 20+ year old problematic shake to a new DaVinci Slate roof system,” says Eddie Leiva, estimator/project manager for TCC Roofing Contractors, Inc. out of Eagle, Colo. “This was the second roof we’ve done lately where the homeowners are switching from a shake system to a synthetic slate. This is a way for people to put their own ‘style stamp’ on their home.

“The roof plays such a large visual part of a home exterior. It lends to the curb appeal of a house and sets the overall style for the home. In this case it gives the Harris’ home a completely fresh, new look.”

Roofer Recommendation

synthetic roofingAccording to Harris, the TCC Roofing team was great to work with, “from the proposal to the final invoice.”

“They kept me informed at every step and worked with me on all our requests,” says Harris. “It was impressive to see that they knew all about the stringent requirements of installing roofing materials in the Colorado high country. The process appeared to go smoothly and TCC Roofing’s installers were very knowledgeable and skilled in the installation process.

“Very importantly for our area, these roofers recommended an extensive snow guard system that we need for our geographic area. We’re now ready for our first snowfall and eager to see how the DaVinci roofing product performs!”