Synthetic Shake Roof Impresses Engineer

Tom Machacek is hard to impress. A former engineering business owner, Machacek has high expectations for any project. For his new roof, he wanted only the best. The best protection for his home. The best roofer for the project. And, above all, the best roofing material available.

Research for Success

Machacek started his research online. He considered a metal roof. However, at the recommendation of his roofer, Machacek considered DaVinci Roofscapes.

“As any good engineer will do, I researched DaVinci Roofscapes thoroughly before committing to the synthetic shake product,” says Machacek, a resident of Crown Point, Indiana. “I visited the DaVinci website. I studied the product ratings. After that, I looked at pictures of homes with this roofing system.”

Next the homeowner met with representatives from Korellis Roofing and Richards Building Supply®. They looked at actual product samples. And, he and his wife gained more details on the Bellaforté Shake composite roof.

“The knowledge and confidence in the DaVinci product by both the supplier and installer gave us confidence to invest in this synthetic shake shingle,” says Machacek. “It was a little extra money. However, it’s worth it to have a sound and long-lasting roof. The Bellaforté roof will protect our home from wind and storms.”

Synthetic Shake

Icing on the Cake

While reviewing product samples, the Machaceks chose the perfect color for their home — a Mountain blend. The combination of three brown tones complement the brick on their home exterior.

“From what I’ve seen, a roof doesn’t normally stand out on many homes,” says Machacek. “The eye sees the overall layout. It also captures the landscaping in front of the house and the dominant material choices.

“For our home, when you look through the trees, the eye goes immediately up to the roof. For us, the realistic cedar shake look of the DaVinci roof is like the icing on the cake.”

Upgrading to Synthetic ShakeSynthetic Shake

For the first 18 years of this house’s life, it had asphalt shingles. However, general wear and tear made them age.

“The original roof looked bad toward the end of its life,” says Scott Abell, project manager/estimator with Korellis Roofing, Inc. “The Machaceks were ready to invest in a product that would provide long-lasting beauty for their home exterior.

“Right from the start, the warranty and look of the Bellaforté Shake appealed to these homeowners. They appreciate the technology behind the product. In addition, the long lifespan of the product is especially appealing.”

Made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, Bellaforté roofing features a highly-specialized fire retardant. Each 12-inch wide tile has the natural look of cedar shake. A leading edge tab designed into each tile interlocks to provide strong wind performance. All DaVinci products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty.

Getting the Job Done

To assure a quality installation, DaVinci held an instructional session at the Korellis training center.

“The training was very helpful,” says Abell. “Gus Mokakos, our DaVinci representative, also showed up the first day on the jobsite. Plus, the sales team from Richards Building Supply showed up. Even though we’ve installed DaVinci products in the past, this was our first time installing the Bellaforté product.

“Everyone wanted to make sure we were comfortable and set for success. That type of support means a great deal to our team.”

Similarly, the support did not go unnoticed by the homeowners.

“What impressed me the most was what happened when the Korellis team was ready to start installing the Bellaforté tiles,” says Machacek. “Two reps from Richards Building Supply and Gus from DaVinci showed up at my home.

“These people answered questions and supported the roofing installation crew. This was impressive. To me, this is the mark of excellence for any homeowner.”