Synthetic Slate is the Perfect Match for this Church

“From the ground view, it’s impossible to tell this isn’t actual slate.”

edit-768×576That’s the way Eric Goodman, Building and Grounds Chairman at Saint James Episcopal Church in Hendersonville, North Carolina, feels about the new synthetic slate atop his church’s nave.

“Everyone is pleased with the look of the composite slate roof,” says Goodman. “We selected Single-Width Slate from DaVinci Roofscapes in a Slate Gray color to resemble the real slate that was on this building when it was originally constructed back in 1913.

“Our committee chose the DaVinci product based on its reputation, durability and ease of installation. We were also impressed with the warranty on the synthetic slate tiles and their very close similarity to real slate.”

Slate Substitute

The soaring stone exterior on the church building stands tall amongst trees lining the street in historic downtown Hendersonville. The re-roofing project took several weeks for the team at DLV Roofing to accomplish.

“We love doing historical churches,” says Pete De La Vega, owner and president of DLV Roofing Systems, Inc. out of Fletcher, N.C. and Charleston, S.C. “In this case we worked with the church committee to find the right product and color that allowed them to get back to the true historical appearance of this church.

“We removed asphalt shingles that had been on just under 20 years. They were leaking and failing badly, so that roof had to come off.”

Dependable DaVinci Product

According to De La Vega, a third generation roofer, his company has been installing DaVinci products for more than a dozen years, and the synthetic slate seemed like a natural fit for Saint James Episcopal Church.

“I wouldn’t sell the DaVinci product if I didn’t believe in it,” says De La Vega. “I really like the baffled back of the tiles — it makes for a stiffer piece, which prevents curling. This roofing product holds up well to the elements.

“In addition, I find that the DaVinci synthetic slate serves as a really good fit for an alternative slate product. It’s much lighter in weight than real slate. This product is a good solution for people who want slate on their roofs, but the structure can’t handle the weight of the natural slate. The DaVinci product has an authentic look and high performance characteristics.”

Throughout his company’s service regions in both North Carolina and South Carolina, De La Vega reports his team installs about a half dozen DaVinci roofs each year.

“We work mostly on high end replacement roofs and custom new construction projects,” says De La Vega. “We can depend on DaVinci composite roofing whether we’re re-roofing a church or topping off a new mountain home. The reliable DaVinci product helps us provide our customers with quality roofing solutions.”