The Chapel At Dayton Veterans’ Administration Medical Center

Church With DaVinci SlateOur simulated slate roofing is used in a number of custom projects.  It is always a joy to see how our colors can be combined to make unique patterns.  

This chapel at the Dayton Veterans’ Administration Medical Center is definitely one of those projects.

The original roof was slate and had the large cross design with a star-studded border in light colors and needed to be replaced.  Because our slate tile roof can be customized, you are never limited when you go with green roof construction from DaVinci.

The architect on the project, Edward Groh with PEDCO, commented, "The old 1800s photos of the roof design were faded and required a great deal of work to configure a new roof layout that would accurately reflect the original roof.  However, the current roof structure of the historic building could not handle the weight of real slate so we specified the lighter weight synthetic roofing slate tiles from DaVinci." 

Twenty seven squares of our medium tan synthetic slate roof tile and sixty seven squares of slate black tiles were ordered to complete the roofing project, which included the two sides of the roof, plus the steeples and vestibules. 

To learn more about DaVinci Slate, please contact our customer service department with any questions you have.

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