Woodpecker-Resistant Composite Slate Roofing

Forget the friendly face and cartoon antics of Woody Woodpecker. There was nothing funny about the way woodpeckers caused damage to the real cedar shake shingles on the home of Aram and Joyanne Kinosian. After years of deterioration, the homeowners decided to switch tactics and invest in a composite slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes.

DMCP Scudder Roofing

“We’re located in a wooded area where the woodpeckers caused severe damage to our real cedar shingles,” says Aram Kinosian, a resident of Pebble Beach, Calif. “The constant repairs were tiring and expensive. We set out in search of a new roof with our number one priority being durability.”

Best-in-Class Roofing

Once Kinosian determined that Scudder Roofing was the company he wanted to hire for his reroofing project, he immediately asked for recommendations of a best-in-class roofing product.

“We chose DaVinci composite slate because it met all our requirements, including durability, design and color selection,” says Kinosian. “Javier at Scudder Roofing helped us reach the decision on the roof type and color — the DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof in Slate Gray. He even provided sample boards to place on our current roof to help show us the selection options.”

Challenge Accepted

Residential Slate GrayDue to the expansive size of the home, the Scudder Roofing team worked for two months on Kinosian’s reroofing project. “This house sits at an amazing location,” says Jennifer Scudder, chief operations officer for Scudder Roofing out of Marina, Calif. “The house itself has great architectural details. The steep slope of the roof showcases the DaVinci composite slate products perfectly.

“We enjoyed accepting the challenge from the homeowners to maintain the details from their old, wood shingle roof — especially on the turret. We were able to accomplish this and provide them with a beautiful, durable composite slate roof that will last for decades.”

Loving Synthetic Slate

With the project now complete, the Kinosian family has a quality composite roof overhead —one that will resist impact, fire, insects, algae, and even woodpeckers.

“We really love this new roof,” says Kinosian. “It’s everything we had hoped to find in a state-of-the-art roofing product.

“In addition, we’re also extremely pleased with Scudder Roofing and would recommend them to any of our family or friends. We found a roofing company that was on time, on budget and absolutely outstanding. From beginning to completed replacement, the Scudder Roofing team was on top of every detail and provided all services required to meet our expectations.”