• Roofing Terminology 101

    Since our first project in 2001, we have found that roofing terminology is not common knowledge for most home and building owners. For those of us who work in the roofing industry and use these terms every day, it's easy to forget that not everyone is an expert. To help you understand what your contractor is talking about when discussing your roof we've compiled a list of basic roofing terms and definitions.

  • Roof Styles

    Roofs can have very different roof shapes. In fact, just as the structure of most homes differs in some way or another, roofs also come in dozens of shapes and sizes.

  • ​Multi-Width or Single-Width, Slate or Shake…

    We have a whole plethora of products for you - options that help to match your budget, your home or building's architecture as well as the color and testing certification requirements for your geographical location. Here's a quick rundown of the different imitation slate shingles and synthetic shake shingles we offer.

  • Guide to Snow Guards

    Does snow slide off of a DaVinci roof? What is the solution? Who should consider snow guards? Does my house need snow retention?


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