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If you love the look of cedar shake, there’s no reason to shy away from it. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing an existing shake roof, DaVinci composite shake roof shingles eliminate the pesky concerns of ongoing maintenance and lets your heart get exactly what it wants.



Class 4 Impact Rated



Class A Fire Rating



Certified to 110mph



Lifetime Limited Material

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DaVinci Composite Shake

Thick construction, deep grooves and realistic grain patterns of the highest quality combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness for a DaVinci cedar roof.
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Natural Shake

Unfortunately, the long-hailed performance attributes of cedar shake shingles have disappeared along with old-growth trees. Rotting, cracking and curling is inevitable.

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Shake Options

DaVinci offers the beauty of cedar shake in three different composite shake roof tile options, giving you the ability to meet your aesthetic vision as well as respect your budget.

Multi-Width Composite Shake

Achieve the authentic look of rough-hewn, hand-split cedar shake with subtle color shifts and randomly staggered overlaps.

Multi-Width Shake

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Single-Width Composite Shake

The tidy and uniform appearance is a popular choice for a wide range of architectural styles.

Single-Width Shake

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The craftsmanship and authenticity of natural, hand-split cedar shake with the advantages of color stability and a lifetime warranty.

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Hand-Split Shake Siding

The anticipation is over — DaVinci now offers Hand-Split Siding. Give your home the beauty of real cedar siding without ongoing maintenance.

Hand-Split Shake Siding Tiles


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What You Need to Know

Made of virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, along with a highly– specialized fire retardant, DaVinci Shake roofs will last many decades. Our products are backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty on residences and a 50-year warranty on commercial projects.

Over time natural shake will dry out and fade. It can curl, crack or split. And, it can attract insects and algae growth. DaVinci Shake is made to last for decades without those problems. Our composite shake product resists impact, cracking and curling. It also resists fire, insects and fungus or algae growth. There is no fading of color with DaVinci Shake — the color you select today is the color you will have decades from now.

Yes. All DaVinci roofing products have a Class A Fire Rating. 

DaVinci Shake tiles are very authentic in appearance. Our molds capture the realistic look of natural shake, so that homeowners can increase their home’s curb appeal and value. Lightweight and easy to install, DaVinci products are made to look great and to last for decades without maintenance hassles. 


In many parts of the country there are local codes restricting the use of natural shake products on roofs. DaVinci composite shakes are welcome in those areas, and they oftentimes earn homeowners a discount on their yearly insurance premiums.

DaVinci Shake roofs save homeowners on long term maintenance and replacement costs. Oftentimes insurance companies provide homeowners with discounts on yearly insurance fees because DaVinci roofs resist impact and high winds associated with storms, along with fire. Other types of roofs made from natural materials don’t have this benefit. 

Our DaVinci roofing stands up great to Mother Nature. It’s rated Class 4 for impact, which is the highest rating that can be achieved. DaVinci Shake can also handle winds up to 110mph. Our composite shake roofing has passed tests for Miami-Dade County, Texas Department of Insurance and High Velocity Hurricane Zone. 

It is one of the most flawlessly replicating products out there, and we’ve looked at all of them, believe me.

Daniel, Residential Architect


DaVinci shake tiles are proudly manufactured in Lenexa, Kansas. Read More