100 Year Old Dutch Colonial


We are going to replace our roof in the next year. Our home is a 100 year old Dutch Colonial style. Huge roof on our 2.5 story home. What recommendations do you have for the color blends for shingle roof.

If you need additional pictures I can send some more.


Omaha, NE

Product: Shingles

100 year old Dutch Colonial style house    second picture of 100 year old Dutch Colonial style roof


Dear Ms. Knowles,

Among the things I consider when making recommendations the style of the home is a key factor. You can sometimes deviate from what has been used in the past but for a Dutch Colonial sticking with a historic look is the best decision.

The DaVinci Single-Width Shake is my preference because it will have a more uniform look. The Multi-Width Shake would also work but keep in mind the staggered placement may be too much texture for the traditional look.

I also recommend going with a color that is similar to natural cedar and has slight color variations rather than a distinct pattern. Tahoe-VariBlend or Autumn-VariBlend both fit that criteria. It looks like either would go nicely with the brick on your home, too.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

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