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Inspire tiles are proudly manufactured in Michigan.

Set Your Sites Higher with Inspire

Inspire Slate

Inspire Classic Slate’s textured surfaces and deckled edges are modeled from authentic natural slates, imparting a controlled uniformity that epitomizes natural slate roofing. Lightweight yet durable, Classic Slate delivers the appearance of a natural slate roof thanks to the low-cost, cutting-edge environmentally conscious material technology that goes into every slate.

A Virtually Limitless Color Palette


Inspire Classic Slate roofing products feature beautiful textured surfaces and edges. Available in an array of colors, Inspire tiles impart a controlled uniformity that epitomize natural slate roofing.

Premium Cool Roof Colors

You do not have to compromise the beauty of your home to be sustainable. Inspire Classic Slate offers a wide palette of Cool Roof Colors that promote environmentally sustainable living. This is achieved by decreasing your home’s carbon footprint and energy consumption by as much as 15 percent, as stated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Inspire Cool Roof products offer innovative color technology by reflecting the sun’s energy and keeping your home cooler, hence reducing the need for air conditioning while lowering its carbon footprint and heat island effect. Learn more about ratings and compliance.

Premium Color Blends

Does your home’s exterior lend itself to a custom roof color? Enjoy the pleasure of Inspire’s enduring style and performance in a palette that perfectly complements your home with our premium color blends.  Or combine up to five tile colors to create your own bespoke blend that fits your home’s unique style.

Cool Roof Icon  Look for the Cool Roof symbol for options that can increase energy efficiency in your home.

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Contact our Project Specialist to learn more about DaVinci products and color options.

* Colors are as accurate as technology allows. Please make final selection from actual shingles

Technical Specifications

DaVinci products meet or exceed building industry standards. If you have questions or require further information, please visit the document center or contact our sales associates for any additional help.


widths 12″ thickness at butt 1/4″
length 18″ thickness at tip 1/4″


Part Exposure Coverage Pieces/Bu Nails Required/Bu Lbs/Bu
Field Tile 7.5″ 6.4 BU/SQ 25 50 38
Field Tile 7″ 6.88 BU/SQ 25 50 38
Field Tile 6.5″ 7.39 BU/SQ 25 50 38
Field Tile 6″ 8 BU/SQ 25 50 38
Hinged Hip & Ridge 7.5″ 15.6 LF/BU 25 50 38
Starter 12″ 25 LF/BU 25 50 25


  • Fire Rating In accordance with UL790 / ASTM E108 Class A* or Class C Fire Rated System. (Depending on system)
  • Hail Rating In accordance with UL2218 Class 4
  • Accelerated Ultra Violet Exposure In accordance with ASTM G154 Xenon Arc Chamber 9,500+ hours Tile exhibited virtually no fade and with no trace of cracking, spalling or deformation.
  • Wind Driven Rain / Wind Uplift In accordance TAS 100-95; UL 580 Up to 110 mph. No tiles blew off, tore or blew upward.
  • Freeze-Thaw Cycle In accordance with ASTM C666/C666M No signs of damage or cracking after 300+ cycles.
  • Water Absorption In accordance with ASTM C272 No appreciable weight gain.
  • Water Permeation In accordance with ASTM E96/E96M Tile shown to be impermeable per ASTM test methods.
  • Approvals: Florida Building Code Org. FL#7409, FL#16269, FL#16856; Texas Department of Insurance RC-404; CCRR-0188, Miami-Dade Approved
  • Inspire Classic Slate CCRR-0217

Add Splendor & Elegance to Any Home with Inspire

Inspire’s Dual-Axis InFlex Cambered profile design provides reliability and quality. The X-Axis of each tile protects wind uplift in parallel direction, while each Y-Axis protects wind uplift in perpendicular direction.

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