2013 Color Trends: Bring On The Blues

Blue remains on trend because we find stability and security in this tried and true color. With global issues, environmental concerns and political atmosphere swirling around we seek the calm of blue skies, aqua seas and the trust that blue represents.

Exterior and Interior Color Trends in Blue

The pull of this color is so strong that you may find you gravitate to reassuring blue when you remodel or decorate. The good news is that whatever your style there is a blue that is just right for you. There is a blue that feels as comfy as a well-worn pair of jeans or as crisp and distinguished as a pressed navy suit and everything in between.

CMG Color of the Year Re-Blued

Color Marketing Group’s 2013 Color of the Year is Re-Blued!

Previous blues in the color trend forecast have been cleaner, more political, Olympic, and historical or traditional. Now a range of warmer more aqueous blues are in demand. The hues range from deep blue-black to bright navy and the mid-range Re-Blued to warmer, tropical, watery, blues with a touch of green.

While blue might not be right to cover your roof, most of the blues and especially the blue-green tones are a perfect complement for warm brown and terra cotta slate or shake roofing tiles. But don't stop there. Blue can turn the tables and work well with the cool grays and greens, too.

As you make color choices for your home in 2013 consider, blue. It is a reliable color that is popular across ages, demographics and styles of homes.

Think true blue. It is our color best friend.