Color of the Year 2022 for Your Home Exterior

Color of the Year 2022 Weathered Green

Weathered Green DaVinci Multi-Width Slate is a classic that is a beautiful topper for many of the 2022 colors.

The Color of the Year 2022 selected by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Pittsburg Paints, and Behr are all from the same color family — green! I don’t remember all companies agreeing on the top color before, but this earthy hue is essential for the year. Why is green so popular?

With most people weary of lifestyle changes they didn’t sign up for and never thought would last this long, green symbolizes the things people desire in 2022 — rebirth, prosperity, and progress. Designers often use the color green in spaces to foster creativity and productivity.

Physically, green is often called nature’s neutral and has a relaxing, calming effect on our bodies, increasing focus. Perfect! One thing that people agree on is their need for a peaceful environment. Shades of green evoking prosperity and progress top 2022 color trends.

Choose green for your home exterior from the roof to the ground. Start at the top with one of these top-selling greens.

DAVINCI Shake and Slate Green Tones

For homeowners ready to add color yet not prepared to move too deep into the spectrum, green gently helps even the most color-shy person feel comfortable with a colorful option without getting too colorful.

Chesapeake Sliced Cucumber

With unlimited shades, green can be light or dark, warm or cool, bright or muted — there is a green for every style.

Chesapeake Poolhouse

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Kate Smith is an internationally recognized color expert, consultant, and designer.  She is a skilled colorist & a color consultant who has lent her expertise to DaVinci Roofscapes for over a decade. Kate helps YOU select colors that you will love.