2024 Color of the Year – 5 Paint Colors to Inspire Your Exterior Scheme

The Color of the Year 2024 story leads with America’s favorite hue — blue. Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, C2, and Dunn-Edwards all selected shades of this tried-and-true color as an essential for the upcoming year. Why so popular?

There are many reasons we are attracted to blue right now. One is an escape from everyday overwhelm. We want to retreat into a home where we can decompress. Blue speaks to us of calm. It is relaxing because it tends to lower our heart rates, blood pressure, and body temperature and slow our breathing. Perfect! One thing that people agree on is the need for a peaceful environment.

A blue house exterior like the 2024 Color of the Year

In addition to serenity, blue symbolizes trust, wisdom, and stability. The color of the sea and sky is as faithful and comforting as a best friend.

Blue is equally gorgeous inside and out. It combines beautifully with neutrals and various colors to create FRESH Colors for Exteriors with Curb Appeal. Explore eight choices for Color of the Year and see how to use these hues to create beautiful home exteriors.

Upward SW 6239 is Sherwin-Williams 2024 Color of the Year

Upward SW 6239 is a denim blue with calm gray undertones. It is more the color of washed or worn denim than deep indigo. An airy blue that will have you dreamily adrift in the stratosphere.

Why Sherwin-Williams selected Upward

Upward, a breezy, blissful blue is the color found when we slow down, take a breath, and allow the mind to clear with a hint of the silver lining. It is a sunny day shade for spaces brimming with positive energy, creative thinking, and total contentment.


Combining Upward with DaVinci Chesapeake Shakes creates a relaxing beachy vibe
Evergreen Fog is a perfect accent with the roofing color and airy blue siding.

Mountain-Tony Taupe-SW7038

For a neutral scheme topped with DaVinci Mountain Shakes, Uplift
on the front door creates a tranquil focal point and adds sophistication to the color scheme.

Blue Nova is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore chose Blue Nova 825, a deep blue blended with a generous dollop of violet. The company describes Blue Nova as an elevated, sumptuous hue.

Why Benjamin Moore selected Blue Nova

With Blue Nova leading the way, depth, and intrigue are balanced by an undercurrent of reassurance. This alluring mid-tone features an enchanting duality, capturing the spotlight with endlessly classic appeal.”

2024 Color fo the Year Benjamin Moore Blue Nova

Blue Nova is a beautiful complement to the deep gray with navy undertones of DaVinci Smokey Gray Slate.
Add golden yellow for a front door that holds its own surrounded by rich blue.

2024 Color fo the Year Benjamin Moore Blue Nova with Evergreen Slate

Blue and green is a classic combination. Blue Nova highlights a monochromatic scheme of
DaVinci Evergreen Slate with gray-green siding and trim.

Renew Blue is Valspar 2024 Color of the Year

Valspar selected Renew Blue 8003-37D, a nourishing, green-influenced blue that creates a sense of peace wherever you place it.

Why Valspar selected Renew Blue

Most of us seek an end to feeling overwhelmed – less stress, less information, less technology, fewer choices. Simplicity. Here, we can slow down and create the peaceful place we seek.

Tahoe-VAL Renew Blue 8003-37D

More aqua than a traditional hue, Renew Blue easily harmonizes with
the warm brown of DaVinci Tahoe or Autumn Shakes as a primary or accent color.

Thermal is C2 Color of the Year

C2 Thermal 752 is a fluid, refreshing blue that’s both invigorating and calming.

Why C2 selected Thermal

Philippa Radon, Interior Designer and C2 Paint Color Specialist, “C2 Thermal reminds us of a vast blue sky and the infinite array of blue hues nature offers to help restore and redefine our mood. This bespoke pale yet punchy blue is poised for adventure and brimming with hope, evoking feelings of loyalty, trust, and confidence. Its contradictory nature has the dual ability to uplift us and provide a sense of calm and tranquility,”

Weathered Gray-Thermal C2-752

DaVinci Weathered Gray with Thermal is a charming pair—warmer accents such as
smokey gray, yellow-green, or yummy Sweet Potato balance the palette.

Skipping Stones is Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year

A serene and steely blue with hints of green and gray, Skipping Stone DET567 is meditative and energizing, like the sea.

Why Dunn-Edwards selected Skipping Stones

As we move into 2024, Skipping Stones lets you capture the feeling of dreamy nostalgia blended with a future of unlimited possibilities,” is how Dunn-Edwards describes Skipping Stone.

Slate Gray-DE Skipping Stone 2024 Color of the Year from C2 Paints

Rich blue bordering on teal is the star of the scheme, supported by
a DaVinci Gray roof, similarly colored accents, and off-white trim.

More than Blue for 2024 Color of the Year

Not all companies choose a shade of blue. Glidden/PPG Paints, Behr, and Dutch Boy had other takes on the 2024 Color of the Year, as different as night and day.

Limitless is Glidden/PPG Paints 2024 Color of the Year

A fresh, warm hue, Limitless PPG1091-3, contains both the power of a primary color and the essence of a neutral. It is extremely usable across the interior and exterior and easily complements many color schemes.

Why Glidden/PPG Paints selected Limitless

Limitless instills a warm, sunny vibe that hints at growth and blooming energy.

Atumn Limitless

DaVinci Autumn Shakes with golden yellow and nature-inspired green create an inviting scheme.

Cracked Pepper is Behr 2024 Color of the Year

Cracked Pepper PPU18-01 is a versatile soft black that will instantly elevate how you feel — adding sophistication with ease alongside coordinating colors, finishes, and materials.

Why Behr selected Cracked Pepper

Cracked Pepper proves that color can transcend sight by awakening the senses and radiating confidence from any wall it coats or trim it touches. Its alluring presence resounds as a soothing anchor to every corner of a home, inside and out.

Other 2024 Color of the Year Choices

Choose one of the trending blues to add a pop of color to a classic black and white scheme.

Ironside is Dutch Boy 2024 Color of the Year

Translating global trends from fashion, culture, and media, Ashley Banbury, Dutch Boy’s Color Marketing Manager, chose Ironside 422-7DB as their 2024 Color of the Year. This deep, comforting green is a richly dimensional hue that soothes and reassures.

Why Dutch Boy selected Ironside

Responding to the rising popularity of deep shades for the home, Ironside balances both sophistication and comfort. Ironside links to nature, creating an organic feel that works well on exteriors.

Aberdeen with Ironside Dutch Boy Color of the Year 2024

A dark primary exterior color benefits from DaVinci Aberdeen
a gorgeous multi-color slate that is a showstopper.

What Do You Think About the 2024 Color of the Year Choices?

Are you feeling calmer just viewing the blue hues, or do you gravitate to the darker tones or luminous yellow? Which color most inspires you?