4 Ways to Know To Repair Your Roof and When To Replace It

DaVinci SlateAs a home or business owner, one of the most important aspects of your home or building is your roof – it protects everything underneath it. And a roof that has been damaged and is in need of repair or replacement is never welcomed.

But how do you know whether the roof just needs a repair or when it needs to be completely replaced. To help you determine to repair or replace, here are 4 things to consider when making your decision:

    1. Weather: How is your roof holding up to the elements? Are you experiencing leaking water on the inside of your home or business? If you have recently experienced a hail storm, hail damage can cause enough damage that your entire roof needs to be replaced. Or sometimes just a few tiles need to be replaced. Think about the recent weather in your area and contact a local roofing company to inspect the damage.


    1. Type of Roof – What sort of roof do you have on your home? Asphalt shingles and cedar shakes usually do not last as long as slate roofs, for example. So depending on where you live, what the product is, etc, you will want to consider the age of your roof when making your decision.


    1. Curled or Cracked Shingles – Sometimes with weather, shingles can curl and crack – if this is happening all over the roof, then it’s time to replace it, whereas if it is only happening here and there, then you can have the individual shingles replaced. A licensed professional roofer will be able to help you make that determination.


    1. Look – You hate the look of your roof – you’re trying to make the home of your dreams and the roof just isn’t cutting it. Whatever your luxury roof dreams are – it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to replace it.


DaVinci is a great alternative to natural slate and shake roofs – and with a 50-year warranty, it will probably be one of the last roofs that you put on your house!

Did you decide to replace your roof with our DaVinci composite roofing?  We want to see photos and here your story – please submit it here.