5 Ways For Your Home To Make A Great First Impression

When Will Rogers said, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” he wasn’t talking about his home but he certainly could have been.

According to a national homeowner study sponsored by DaVinci Roofscapes and conducted online by Harris Interactive, nearly all homeowners (88 percent) see the exterior of their home as a whole. It is the big picture not the individual parts that the research found was important to homeowners. In short, the style of home and how it looks on the property are the most attention-grabbing features of a home. Here are five ways you can make sure your home grabs the right kind of attention and makes a great first impression.

An inviting entry is essential to making a good first impression. Even if the rest of the exterior needs freshening up make sure to always keep your entry welcoming. It can take the focus off of tired trim and less-than-perfect paint. The front door offers you the most flexibility in color choice and it is a good place to let your personality to shine through.


Since the front door is the item on a home that offers homeowners the most flexibility in color choice, it is a good place for their personality to shine through. So here is my just-for-fun, non-scientific assessment of what your front door color says about you. – See more at: https://www.davinciroofscapes.com/blog/what-the-color-of-your-front-door-says-about-you/#sthash.lTjJam9T.dpuf 

Your colors should blend with the home’s surroundings.  This is an especially effective place to begin thinking about your color scheme when building or renovating a home in a wooded or natural setting where it is more important that the structure works well within nature rather than a neighborhood.reflect the landscape. Consider the shrubs and trees when shopping for a color.


In picking a color, keep in mind the color character of your neighborhood. If you’re in a beachfront community where bright pastels are the norm then lemon yellow could be a good choice. If all the houses on your block are beige or gray, painting your house hot pink will make it stand out for the wrong reasons. When choosing your colors always ask yourself, “Will the new colors allow my home to stand out while still fitting into my neighborhoods?”


When putting together your exterior color scheme, don’t forget the roof. The roof is often a big part of what you see when looking at the front of a home. Your roof can make a statement. While people often think of gray as a safe choice it may not give your home the best look. A color that complements your exterior can come from a whole range of colors. Not bright reds or greens but rather subtle colors that look like they were plucked right from nature.


An overall scheme that recognizes the importance of understanding your regional preferences, style of your home, neighborhood requirements and the elements of your home that don’t often change like your brick or stone. Not sure where to begin? My free ebook FRESH Exterior Color: 5-Steps To Finding The Perfect Color For Your Home is a great place to begin. Download the ebook, follow the steps and you, too, can find the perfect colors for your home.