A Cedar Shake Roofing Alternative = Polymer Shake

Perhaps you live in an area that is prone to salt air and lots and lots of sunshine. Or maybe you live in an area that can't have a natural shake roof because of the fire dangers.

Cedar Shake Roofing AlternativeHowever, you like the look of shake and your home or building demands that sort of roof to look right.

So, what options do you have?

Because of the fire dangers of natural wood shake as well as the potential maintenance issues, there are now cedar shake alternative roofing products, such as our synthetic shake shingles.

Here are 5 reasons to pick our simulated shake roofing over a wood shake roof:

  • Class A Fire Rating – That's right our shingles have a Class A fire rating when installed with proper underlayments.
  • Class 4 Impact Rating – Our shingles have achieved UL – 2218 Class 4 Impact Rating, whereas natural shake shingles can dry out and therefore become brittle over time, eliminating their ability to withstand heavy hail storms.
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant – Because our shingles are made of engineered polymer, they are impervious to freeze/thaw cycles, whereas natural shake naturally expands and contracts, opening it up to all sorts of issues freeze/thaw issues.
  • Maintenance Free – Our shingles are known to be vitually maintenance free as they resist cracking, curling, spliting, etc., however with natural shake there is usually the need to replace individual shingles throughout the life of the roof.  
  • Color Fade Resistant – With natural shake it starts out, usually a bright orange and then fades rapidly within a year to a gray color (depends on the wood and where it is sourced from as to what hue of gray). With our tiles, you have the choice of what color you want and that's the color your roof will have for years to come!

Did you have a DaVinci Shake roof? We want to see!  Please share your roofing experience with us here.