Adding Color to Lightweight Roofing Tiles on Colonial-Style Homes

Known for their symmetrical design, Colonial-style homes are a blank canvas waiting for color. That's the viewpoint of Kate Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color.

"Two-, three- and four-color schemes are all possibilities for the exterior of a Colonial-style home," says Smith. "The right number and placement of colors depends on your personal preferences."

Designer RoofSmith, the author of the e-book FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior, encourages homeowners to adopt a "top down" color approach to create an attractive and unified home exterior. (see also Curb Appeal Starts with a DaVinci Tile Roof)

"Colonial-style homes typically have a slate roofs or a fake slate roof," says Smith. "Black or gray are generally associated with this home design, but you can find some blends of these colors if you work with a polymer roofing company like DaVinci Roofscapes.

"Because the roof of Colonial homes is usually a dark color, that means some 'brightness' is needed for the siding. Many Colonial-style homes are a stark white with accent colors for the trim, door and shutters. The siding can also be a softer cream color, warm gray or shade or beige."

To highlight different features of the home, Smith recommends using a burst of color on the front door of a Colonial-style home. "While black on a door or trim is a timeless, elegant look, many homeowners prefer to add their 'pop of color' on the door by using red, green or blue," says Smith. "Because the front door is usually a main focal point on the facade of a Colonial-style home, this is your chance to truly express your love of color. You can carry through that door color into your landscaping features quite easily."