Any Blend, Any Profile – It’s Your Choice!

One of the fun things about DaVinci products is the possibilities with colors. Yes, all of our products are offered in 49 standard colors and several different color blends, but that’s not all!

Did you know that you can order one of our standard slate color blends and have it delivered to your roofing project in our shake profile? Yep, that’s right, if you like Slate Gray blend, but would like it in our Shake polymer roofing tiles instead – we can do it!

The same goes the other way too! If you like our Mountain Blend in our standard Shake color blends, but want to use our fake slate tiles instead – we can certainly run your order in the slate profile with the Mountain Blend colors rather than a standard slate blend (pictured below).

Mountain Blend in both Slate and Shake profiles

Of course, you are also welcome to come up with a custom color blend from the colors we have in stock or even create your own custom color. You can have a lot of creative fun with our color blend tool.

Do you have a DaVinci roof? Did you go with a standard color blend matching the standard profile of that blend? Or did you switch it up? We want to hear about it and see it – please feel free to submit your DaVinci story.