From The Architect’s Corner – How Can Our Tiles Contribute to LEED® Certification

Steep slope roofing products, like our slate roof and shake roof systems can contribute toward LEED® certification. So, how many potential points can be earned?

DaVinci products may contribute toward LEED New Construction in the following areas:

Sustainable Sites Sustainable Sites:

  • SS 7.2 – Heat Island Effect, Roof: Reduce heat islands to minimize impact on microclimate and human and wildlife habitat. Cool Weathered Gray blend meets an SRI of >29.    (1 point)

Water Efficiency:

  • WE 1.1-1.2 – Water Efficient Landscaping: Products work well with captured rain systems for reduction in potable water. (1-2 points)

Materials and Resources:

  • MR 2.1- 2.2 – Construction Waste Management: Divert 50-75% from Landfill. (1-2 points)
  • MR 3.1-3.2 – Resource Reuse 5-10%: If product is removed carefully, they can be reused. (1-2 points)
  • MR 5.1-5.2 – Regional Materials: Composite slate and composite shake products manufactured in Kansas City, KS – Projects within 500 miles of plant. (1-2 points)

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