Are DaVinci Polymer Roof Tiles Color Stable?

DaVinci accelerated weathering labAs a manufacturer of polymer roof tiles one of the questions we are frequently asked is, “do our synthetic slate and shake roofing products fade?”  The answer is all outside building products fade a bit over time, but to a varying degree.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we know that more than 90% of all polymer degradation and color fade comes from UV exposure. DaVinci has carefully engineered its resin system to fight against the harsh UV environment on the rooftop.  DaVinci starts by making its polymer roof tiles with virgin resins knowing that recycled resins will not maintain the consistency needed to insure that the color is stable and the physical properties of the tiles are sustained for the long-term.  DaVinci adds a UV stabilizer package to the virgin resin system that contains the latest in technology of UV absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers, and thermal stabilizers.

Using the Accelerated Weathering Lab pictured here, DaVinci continuously tests its products in its own weathering lab and with third party labs. With more than ten years of testing, 50,000 hours of accelerated weathering, and eight years of actual on roof exposure, DaVinci has demonstrated it produces a high-performing, great looking roof for the long-term. DaVinci’s weathering lab shows that the amount of color fade with DaVinci tiles is comparable to the fade of real slate tiles and better than that of many other commonly used roofing materials.