Are DaVinci Slate Roofs Walkable?

Lightweight Roofing SystemsFederal OSHA safety rules are very specific about roofing contractors and the work they perform on low slope and steep slope roofs. During roof installation, workers on low sloped roofs with unprotected sides or edges that are 6 feet or more above ground or lower levels must have protection in place such as a warning line or guard rail system. For steeper slopes, roofers need protection from falls with guardrail systems using toe boards, safety nets and/or personal fall arrest units.

To read the specifics of these rules, please refer to 1926.501 (b)(10) and (11).

DaVinci synthetic roofing materials are walkable for the purposes of installation and repairs. So OSHA laws notwithstanding, the fact that workers can walk on our roofs just means that combined with safety harnesses, they can easily move around to get the job done.

The same applies should a home or building owner decide to install solar panels or some sort of attic ventilation system that requires venting on the roof. Our tile roofs made of lightweight roofing materials can withstand the weight of people standing on them as well as the weight of solar panels. The only consideration property owners will need to make on do it yourself projects that require walking on the roof is making sure to follow proper safety precautions while up on the roof.

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